Saturday, May 16, 2009

A "Pix-zee" peach

At half-price day at the Friends School plant sale, there were some "Pix Zee" peach trees left. We decided to give it a try. The description notes that "Pix Zee" has "...delicious yellow fleshed, freestone peach with red over orange skin. It is a vigorous tree to 6’. Ripens late June. 500 hours chilling. Self-fruitful." It is genetically dwarfed, so it's great for our small yard. The master gardeners at the sale said they have heard folks in Minnesota who have had fruit from their Pix-zee. We will do some winter protection and see how it goes! I am hoping for fruit, although even if it's just ornamental, it's a cool little tree. (Note the first pic is NOT our tree, but another I found of the tree with fruit!)

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seanrichardryan said...

I also bought 4 peach trees at half-price this year. The one peach that they came with was eatne by a raccoon days before it was ripe. Now that we've had a cold snap, what are you going to do mulch with? I was considering doing rose cones to protect from the worst of the cold.