Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Like my Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain..."

We talk a lot about the weather in Minnesota. It's an especially popular topic in the office, where the building I work in is the only one that isn't connected to the others by some sort of tunnel or skyway system. The constant question when anyone walks through the door is, "How's the weather?"

Today, when I came in from lunch, my co-worker and I had a familiar exchange:
She: "So, how is it out there?"
Me: "A little chilly still... I wish it would warm up."
She: "Well, at least it isn't raining!"

Hmmm. At least it isn't raining. But wait. I needed that rain yesterday. Or, more accurately, the newly planted strawberries needed it. And chilly... well, the zucchini doesn't like the chill. It needs to warm up darn it! So I can get those tomatoes in the ground. And the cukes... they sure didn't like that wind....
My point: I think I have a new lens on weather.

I think about what the plants like. I wish for what the plants need. Sun? Rain? To hell with my beach plans... what do those beans want? I'm feeling a new bond with the farmers of the world.... "Like Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain" (from a Faith Hill song called "I Need You" for those non-country fans out there.) Maybe it's a new realization on the importance of the weather on our food. Sure, we all know grapefruits in Florida don't like cold. But I think I'm starting to feel a lot of empathy for those grapefruit farmers. Warm up, damnit! But not too much... it'll fry the lettuce.


William said...

Amen! I've been waiting for weeks to plant. The Veggies are literally blooming on my counter..!

Look like you have a lot of garden in your future. I'm looking at espalier apricots since they grow a little faster. (and for an historian, I'm pretty impatient)

Thanks for the blogging!

Sarah said...

I agree! It's chilly here in Wisconsin! My daffodils hate the cold...

I can't wait to plant zuchinni plants! My garden, while small, will have zuchinni, tomatoes, and potatoes this year. We'll see how much room I have. Maybe I'll add more! :)