Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds!!

I have officially gone overboard on the seed starting. I'm not sure when my madness drifted from the garden-variety seed starter to the seedling-crazed garden fiend, but I'm guessing it was somewhere between 30 and 144 tomato seedlings ago. This year, the whole yard becomes garden. (Ok, with the exception of the backyard where the doggies will continue to do their business.) We are planning a mixed edible/perennial garden in the back, front, and side yards, plus a huge swath of boulevard. Not bad for an urban city lot, eh? As I've been planning, I've found lots of help along the way. Turns out, there a ton of folks who are doing urban gardening. Yay! Here are some of my favs...

Metro Blooms
Gardening Matters
Cold Climate Permatculture Research Institute
Urban Harvest

I also checked out a lot of books, including Edible Estates, Gaia's Garden, and Landscaping with Fruits and Vegetables.

As for the plants, I have started: 3 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, 4 kinds of peppers, oregano, 2 kinds of basil, chives, garlic chives, stevia

Flowers: Marigolds, Alyssum, Bee Balm, Blue Butterfly Delphinum, Shasta Daisies, Lavender, and Dahlias

In all, I have 7 trays of seedlings, with about 72 plants each. That's a whole lotta plants. But I figure what I don't have room for myself, I'll trade for other plants, or give away to neighbors to help them grow their harvest. I have used Jiffy Peat pellets , which I used last year with great success. I also used seed-starting medium in 6-pack cells in trays (when I ran out of pellets!).

We already have 2 raspberry plants and 2 blueberry plants, and I have more on the way. I also am expecting about 50 strawberry plants, 6 ligonberry bushes, and a few hops plants. (Can you say oranic beer?!) These I had to order bareroot and will come at approximately the last frost date. Which, for those not from sunny Minnesota, is May 15th. WAYYYYYY too long from now! My madness may be dangerous by then!


Sarah said...

Haha! That's cute!

We purchased an American Foursquare, which we close on April 30th----which means my garden has to go in by May 7 (Wisconsin) if I'm hoping for it to produce anything. Here's hoping I can till my new yard quickly!!

Thanks for the update! Good luck with the planting.


Eric said...

What a coincidence! My wife and I close on our Foursquare on April 30th also! Great blog! I don't think I'll be punching holes in the foundation though. Only repairing them!