Monday, February 16, 2009

Brick Path Pic, finally

I finally have a new digital camera (which I love) so I can again post pics! Here is a belated one of the new brick path. The snow finally melted enough to get a decent pic.


Sarah said...

So I came across your blog after researching the American Foursquare style houses. (I just bought one! Eee!) You've done so much work; good job! We have a long road ahead of us in restoring it, so I look forward to read more about your renovations.

And nice pathway! It's pretty!


brandon said...

I know this is an old post but we just came across your blog. Impressive. We started one for our home renovation (1897 Workman’s cottage) but ran out of steam very early!

My question is with regard to your brick path - easy DIY? Would you do it again? We need to lay a new path, approximately 280 sqf and have been told it's a "professional's" job. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Nadja and Sean said...

@ Brandon: It's an EASY DIY project. You just need a strong back. Dig down about 6 inches where the path is going- measure and outline it carefully (a flat nose shovel worked well). You will need to put in a gravel base for drainage (tamp that down- we rented a tamper). And then add about .5 inch of sand. Then you can lay the bricks. This Old House has a great instructional site:,,20200448,00.html