Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama in 30 seconds

Ok, I must be on a commercial kick. I know not all of my readers share my political inclinations, so please forgive me if you do not- But these are some of the best, most hopeful political commercials I have ever seen.... created not by campaigns, but by real people with a message. There were over 1,100 ads submitted for this "Create an ad contest." Anyone could enter. The prize is simply being the ad that gets shown on national TV.

Here are the 15 terrific finalists.

Watch the 15 finalist ads here. Vote with moveon.org if you are so inclined.

(My favorites: "Playground Politics" and "Purple" with other notable "They Said He was Unprepared")

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love the Whole World

This commercial makes me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy all over at the same time. I had to share. If you're a Discovery Channel fan, you've seen it: take a look!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Future Bounty Harvest!

This is my first attempt at starting seeds indoors. So far, so good! I picked up 3 trays of "Jiffy" seed starting trays last weekend at Home Depot, and I had sprouting seedlings within 2 days.

I used Burpee fiber pots for one tray and peat pellets to the others (just for variety to see what works best). The beauty of both of these is that you can plant the entire thing into the ground (you don't have to dig the plant out to disturb the roots). The fiber pots naturally decay and then provide some fertilizer. In the first pic, I have the fiber pots, from right to left: Orange trumpet vines, alyssum, red zinnias, broccoli, cilanto, and basil. I'm not sure if you are supposed to mix flowers and vegetables (I suspect that you are NOT because of different germination times, but since I felt like I was getting a late start on the indoor sowing, I did.) Any advice on this anyone?

In the peat pellets, I have (R-L) More alyssum, and zinnias, dahlias, lavender, cucumbers, more basil, and more trumpet vines. In two other pots (not pictured) I have some corn, sunflowers, sweet peppers, and dill. I figure I have about 100 seedlings, which, if purchased at a greenhouse would be somewhere around $300. I got seeds and trays for a little over $50. They are sitting on the radiator and large west-facing windowsill in the dining room, enjoying a ton of sun and heat. They are so much fun to watch!