Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MORE finished basement pics

Here are more of the "after" pics- You can see the living space, looking into the kitchen, and the bathroom. I can't even list all the things we did... but here are a few, and how we managed to do this on a very tight budget:
* New floor: Water-proofing with platon underlayment, then plywood, then wood laminate ($.97 sq ft closeout special at Home Depot)
* New drywall ceiling w/ new lighting and MLV sound-proofing
* Kitchen pass-through window and counter: This used to just be a wall (counter: $25.00 misfit from Ikea!)
* Kitchen: New everything- lighting, cabinets, counters, appliances (Stove- $100 from Cragislist, portable dishwasher- $100 from Craigslist, stainless steel fridge: $125 from Appliance Depot- new fridge, but scratch and dent!, Cabinets, counter, and fixtures from Ikea)
*Bathroom: New floor (sticky laminate squares), new lighting, new ceiling, new toilet

We got some amazing deals and figure we re-did the whole thing for $5-6K.


George said...

Hello - I have a four square as well in Elgin and have considered basement or attic renovation. What challenges did you face on doing your basement? Did you consider building out your attic and turn it into livable space? George

Nadja and Sean said...

Hi George- some of the basement challenges: water-proofing the floor, sound-proofing, and egress window installation (if you read the posts tagged "basement" you can learn more about each and what we did.) We also have attic space we are planning to finish as a master suite. But there is a lot more we want to do up there (and it will probably cost more $$), so we did the basement first. The basement was also already finished- but not well- and the attic has nothing done to it yet. So, I think we just picked the easier project.