Monday, October 08, 2007

That thing you smell

So you go on vacation. You forget to take out the trash. You come home to a wonderful aroma or week-old trash reeking from your garbage can. Come on, we’ve all done it once or twice. You know the smell. Blech.

So, what if you haven’t gone on vacation? And you haven’t forgotten to take out the trash? What in the world is that mystery odor? And why is it getting stronger every day? Even though you have, in fact, just cleaned the garbage can with bleach. And taken out the trash. And cleaned the fridge…. The upstairs fridge, at least.

(This is a story that tells you we haven’t resumed our basement projects yet!)

We finally followed our noses to the downstairs fridge to find it hot and dark. Although death is usually indicated by cold clamminess, the fridge death was marked by a clear sense of warmth. Uh-oh. We only store freezer overflow down there, but at time of fridge death, the freezer overflow consisted of one full size turkey. We’re not sure how long it sat at room temperature in the dead fridge, but it smelled like death itself when we opened that freezer door. The turkey had started to rot and, well, ooze… I’ll save you the rest of the gory details. We promptly took everything out, cleaned it out, sprinkled baking soda around the whole thing. But it still reeks.

The fridge is only a few years old, and although it’s probably still under warranty, the smell is so bad we are thinking we might just need to get rid of it.

So I’m soliciting ideas. Anyone have suggestions on how to successfully un-stink a very nasty fridge?

2 comments: said...

Go to Home Depot and get the Zep brand cleaner "Mold & Mildew). Don't be cheap with it, use A BUNCH.

Ranty said...

Oh gawwwwd... that happened to me once with a chest-freezer - and it had TWO turkeys in it, plus ground beef!


I cleaned it like 5 different times, with different stuff, and eventually the smell did go away - but it took time.