Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sunflower Success

If you thought I was obsessed with sunflowers before the wedding, you should see me now. I have a bit of history with the sunflower. To briefly summarize: They were my grandfather's favorite flower, partly because they are the national flower of the his homeland, the Ukraine. As a little girl, I remember him pointing out wild sunflowers on roadsides. At about age 6 and approximately 3 feet tall myself, I marveled at their towering height and simple beauty in his small garden. To honor him, I chose them as the flowers for our wedding. And, to save money, we decided to grow them ourselves.
After some research, I ordered seeds and sowed away.
After that experience, I would highly recommend adding sunflowers to any garden. Here are my favorites: Strawberry Blonde

The Joker
These are all pollen-less varieties, so they work well for cutting.

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