Monday, February 25, 2008

Mass-Loaded Vinyl- The Final Review

The verdict is in- we love mass loaded vinyl. It has worked SOOOO well to help reduce the sound transfer from the basement to the first floor. We now have downstairs neighbors, and we hardly ever hear them. They had a birthday party this weekend, and we could hardly tell they had company! They also report that they seldom hear us. It's heavy, it wasn't a treat to put up, but it was very worthwhile in the end. A+. See our link above for product and installation info.


Carolyn said...


I'm interested in learning more about your soundproofing experience--we recently bought an apt in NYC and discovered that our downstairs neighbors like to blast their TV all the time!! We're looking into soundproofing options--one option is laying down MLV over our existing hardwood floors and then placing another hardwood floor, like a click and lock on top--judging from your results, do you think this might work? Thanks for any light you can shed on this!!

Nadja and Sean said...

Hi Carolyn,
I think this could work. The trick is to seal the air leaks... sound travels with air, so if you can put the vinyl down and seal it, especially around the edges (like, to the wall), I think that would help. It has done wonders for us. Best of luck!