Friday, October 19, 2007

Laminte floor, do not vex me!

Installing a laminate floor is not rocket science. I know this because I learned pretty quickly how to lock the tongue and groove together and gently tap panels into place. And I am no rocket scientist. Our kitchen floor went together very well. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed that project.

It works like a jigsaw puzzle, really. And I like jigsaw puzzles.

But this puzzle wants to come apart.

There is one seam in our basement floor that simply will not stay completely tight. It fits together like a glove until we get about four rows away, and then we look back and it has separated just a wee little bit.

It might have something to do with the fact that our basement floor is considerably less-than-level. A wavy line would be a more accurate depiction of it, actually. But I’m not sure “level” was a highly sought-after quality when they poured basement floors about 100 years ago.

The first time we saw the seam, we thought we might have missed it before. And we weren’t so far along that it was painful to go back and fix it.

(ok, it was a little painful. But we thought it was worth it to have it done right.)

And so we tightened it up, put humpty back together again, and continued on. And then looked over to that same very spot to find the teeny crack reappeared.

So, we (Translation: “Sean”) tore the laminate up and put it back together three times (now THAT was painful). And there is still a teeny seam in that same darned spot.

I think we are at the point where we have to live with it.

But it’s a basement, right?

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