Tuesday, October 30, 2007

House History

When we purchased the house, we were eager to learn as much as we could about its history. Luckily, the house had been in the same family since it had been built in 1911, and the previous owner was happy to share her stories with us. Here are some of the more interesting details:

1) At one point, each of the upstairs bedrooms were rented out by different single women. One of them was a milliner (a hat-maker) and had the whole room decorated with hats.

2) The house next door was built for the original owner's daughter. It stayed in the family until the current owners purchased it. How'd you like your mom to live right next door?!

3) A late state senator was the ex-husband of the most recent previous owner, and the home hosted many DFL fundraisers and political parties.

4) There used to be a back door to the house. In the late 1970's, they finished the back mudroom and the basement and got rid of the back door.

5) The house has been a number of different colors, including tan, grey-blue, and pink!

6) Upstairs in the attic, there are wires that run around one of the dormers. After much pondering about what they could have been used for, our home inspector guessed they were old antennas used with old radios back before television. Sure enough, one of the owners came up to the attic to tune in the old-time radio for entertainment. These days we joke that the men go to the garage... back then, it must have been the attic!
It's kind of fun to think about someone sitting up there just listening away...

We were also able to find a copy of the original building permit from 1911 at the Ramsey County historical library!


Jamaila said...

My mother-in-law lives ten blocks away and that's PLENTY CLOSE ENOUGH. ;)

Ranty said...

Neat history!!!