Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Harvest

The frost has finally come, and out ahead of it, we picked the last of our vegetable bounty. We grew the usual suspects, mostly: cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, green and orange peppers, habanero peppers, basil, dill, oregano.... All of these plants did very well. This is the third year I've done a vegetable garden, and I feel like I learn more and more every year. This year, I tried something new: baby watermelon. I LOVE watermelon, and the thought of being able to harvest them from my garden had my practically dancing when I found the plants at the garden store. I nursed the plants through the summer drought and had two baby melons growing by mid-summer. Alas, the squirrels took one out, which left me with one. And here it is. Smaller than I had hoped, not as sweet as I would have liked, but a baby watermelon from my own garden, nonetheless. So I'll try again next year!


Saskia said...

This may be an uninformed question, but have you ever had concerns about soil lead content affecting food safety in your garden, or have you had your soil tested? We just moved into a 1909 house in an urban neighborhood and are eagerly planning to plant a garden come springtime. We were wondering, though, given the fact that there's likely lead paint dust/scrapings in the soil all around our house, should we be worried about eating food out of a backyard garden?

MNObserver said...

Hi! I haven't been to your blog in ages, but drive by your house all the time. Gardening is so much fun in this neighborhood -- we have our own little microclimate that makes things do very very well.