Friday, September 21, 2007

The most exciting thing we did this week

Hold onto your hats. I’m about to tell you the most exciting thing we’ve done this week.

We bought a new alarm clock. Yes, this week has been a cliffhanger. But, this isn’t just any old alarm clock. To us, the newlyweds, it’s a rather significant symbol of unity… the dual alarms- “his” and “hers”, if you will- all combined into one sleek vertical unit sitting atop the bedside table, where two alarms previously took up twice as much space. It even has a built-in CD player, so we can find another use for the portable boombox taking up floor space by the bed. Our old alarm clocks were circa 1989… the same ones we used in high school, probably. In fact, you may be familiar with the rwaaaaaeeeeeeeeeepppp, rwaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound that blasts from these ancient beasts. The new clock has a new sound. A more modern sound. It’s more subtle. A bit more soothing. Yet insistent enough that I still get out of bed to turn it off. It’s a small change, with a big impact. I grew up with the old clock. I woke up to it almost every day, slapping for the snooze button, dosing until the familiar reaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeep, rwaaeeeeeeeeeeeep jolted me to consciousness again. It saw me through college, my first job, graduate school, my second job…. If I had a schedule, it helped me keep it. A single girl, a single body to get out of a single bed. When we moved in together, our two ancient clocks stacked awkwardly on top of each other, each set for its own time, each with its own idiosyncrasies the other knew nothing about.

And so the change fits. The dual alarm is our new life. Two schedules, one sleek unit.

A new alarm really is a little more exciting than I originally thought.

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