Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello, how I missed you!

Hello again.

Life got a little crazy this spring, and work on the house all but halted. With not much to write about, I all but fell off the face of the blogosphere. But now we’re back. So, what did you miss?

Here’s the soundbyte version, with the end-of-story written first, since all the stories have happy endings, but they were not such happy stories in themselves.

1) My mom is doing great and just went back to work full-time!

Beginning of story: My mom fell and hit her head in a freakish incident, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. After several weeks of hospitalization several months of rehabilitation, she is well on her way to a full recovery. The in-between time was scary and stressful, and I have gained great empathy for anyone who has a loved one with a traumatic brain injury. Her physical and occupational therapists say that her return to work is nothing short of a miracle. Morals of this story: Protect your head and the heads of those you love. Believe in miracles.

2) My health is getting better and I am back to work full-time. And hopefully able to work on the house with more vigor soon.

Beginning of story: After battling recurring and unexplainable dizziness, weakness, and fatigue, I have found a doctor that knows what is going on. I was diagnosed with Postular Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (also know as POTS). It’s a long and scary-sounding name, but what it really means is that my blood pressure goes haywire sometimes, dropping to freakishly low levels, while my heart races. It’s aggravated by changes in posture (not so great for working on a house.) The good news is that, with cardiac rehabilitation and some prescription medication, I am feeling much better. My job now is to eat as much salt as possible, drink gallons of water daily, and walk a lot, but slowly. Moral of the story: There are smart doctors out there... you just have to find them. And believe you will get better.

3) We’re MARRIED!!! That’s a happy ending to a happy beginning. We had a lovely wedding on August 25th , a lovely honeymoon in a place like heaven, and have happily adjusted to life-without-wedding-craziness.

In the midst of all this, we did finish a couple of projects. The upstairs hall got painted. The dining room was completely cleaned of any remains of the ceiling project. The drywall in the basement bathroom got finished. Most recently, I reclaimed our foyer from the mountains of extraneous packing material that comes from receiving wedding gifts. That may not sound like a home improvement project, but for those of you who have gotten married, I’m sure you understand. In the scheme of things lately, the house projects have all seemed small in the bigger picture. Don’t get me wrong… I love the house and can’t wait to finish that basement.

But we’ve also been enjoying a few blissful weeks of doing absolutely nothing.


S & T said...

welcome back! I was wondering what happened to the rss feed =)

Omar said...

Hi there, glad everything is better now. I started reading your blog months ago and was wondering what had happened. Reading what you've done with your house has helped give me inspiration for my own house projects. Thanks!