Monday, April 09, 2007

AHHH! The backsaver: Drywall Panel Lifter

It seems like we have a new favorite tool with every project.
This chapter: the drywall panel lifter. If you have a ceiling project, you need to rent one of these.
For a 24-hour rental at the local big box: $50.
The shoulder and back pain saved: Priceless.
It broke down easily to fit into a truck, and it was a cinch to use. You load the drywall on it sideways, and then it tilts and lifts up!
Ok, I didn't actually use the contraption myself. Sean and his brother did that. But it looked really easy to use. Either that, or Sean just made it look easy. See in the pic? Sean, attaching drywall to the ceiling single-handedly. Even with the ultra-heavy mass-loaded vinyl on top.
Now if someone would only invent an automatic drywall taper/mudd-er. I'm thinking, like one of those robo-vacumms... that self-propels along a surface and muds and tapes any seams it "senses." Anyone working on that?

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