Friday, February 16, 2007

Yes, we're crazy. And in total puppy love.

**Addition** Sean has started a "New Puppy Blog" for all you dog-lovers! Puppy advice greatly appreciated!!

For those of you who haven't heard the story yet, we have a new addition to our family. As it happened, on Sunday, on my way to the grocery store, a yellow lab ran out into traffic and nearly got hit. I stopped and opened up my back door, and he bounded right in. He didn't have a collar or any tags,so I took him up to the humane society. While I was there, I decided just to take a look at the puppies.

Well, it just so happened that they had a new litter of 6 Bernese Mountain Dog pups. Which is what Sean and I had decided we wanted once his dog, Shadow, passed. These dogs are hard to come by, and they are pretty expensive. And so, the long and short of it is-

After 3 days of discussion about whether we are crazy to consider another
dog or not (the verdict: yes, we are crazy, but we love it.)... Here she is! (and another
happy ending to the story- the yellow lab got picked up by

its owners the next day. :)

To see more info on Bernese Mountain Dogs:

Ours is NOT purebred- her littermates had more brown color in them than she does.
We aren't sure what she's mixed with, but we have never cared much about pedigree.
Any guesses?

More pics to come...

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Craig & Ellen said...

A Berner! They're such happy, friendly dogs. I wanted a Berner for a very long time, before changing directions and deciding on a smaller breed. (Berner to Westie is quite the trip.)

Our neighbors across the street got a Berner puppy this summer, and we've enjoyed watching Gus grow and grow and grow. (And grow.)