Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Puppy pictures, and oh yeah, the house...

Ok, before I start, I had to share these. We think she might be a mix of Bernese and lab. Any other ideas? We know the Bernese for sure, but nothing else...

So, you wonder how the whole renovating-a-house thing is going with the arrival of the new puppy? Well, we DID actually make some progress this weekend. Granted, it's not as much as we would have done pre-puppy, but we are still moving along. I built one (1) IKEA kitchen cabinet.
And I painted one (1) kitchen wall (not the most earth-shattering accomplishments, I know, but the wall did take 3 coats of red paint.) Sean did a little more- He finished sheetrocking/taping/mudding the last kitchen wall and helped his brother finish the basement lighting. Since the main basement room is so big, we divided up the lighting into two zones on two dimmer switches to create the illusion of two separate spaces. I need to take some more un-puppy related pics and I'll add them.
AND now we can insulate and finish ANOTHER ceiling!! (If I never have to do ceilings again in my lifetime, you won't hear me complain.)
Tonite my goal: One (1) more IKEA cabinet. (Hey, they say you travel a road by taking one (1) step at a time....)

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Ranty said...

Great blog! I'm glad I found it, since I'm hoping to purchase my own (broken down) foursquare in the near future.

Oh, and I hear you on the ceiling work. It's the WORST!!!