Friday, February 09, 2007

The Blog Has Been Dark and Quiet...

Yes, I have been absent from my blogging. If you are wondering where I've been, well, we've been planning a wedding. We made a promise to ourselves when we got engaged that we were not going to make wedding planning the focus of our lives until the wedding (we do have LIVES, after all), so we vowed (nice pun, huh?) to get as much planning done as soon as possible. Then we could get on with our lives. And our blogs. And our house projects. Which, namely, is THE BASEMENT, currently.
So, we have planned, and the planning is nearly complete. At least the big stuff, anyway.
I'm going to spare all you housebloggers the agony of reading through endless posts about the wedding planning process, but some of it has proven to be good writing material. So, if you wanted to check out the new "Wedding Blog"- you can find it all there.
Here's the only thing I'll cross-post. I promise. And then back to all the juicy details about the new lighting in the downstairs kitchen... :)

The Anti-Bride Plans a Wedding

Those of you who know me know that I have been decidedly anti-bride pretty much my whole life. Now, by "anti-bride" I don't mean I am against getting married, or against weddings as a whole. I am just not into all the hoopla that a "having a wedding" has become.
It makes makes me a little ill that there is an entire "wedding industry." It makes me even more ill to know that we, as a nation, spend the equivalent of the gross national product of small countries on these events. AND it makes me even MORE ill that there are those people out there (you know who you are) that knit-pick every teeny-tiny detail of each wedding "extravaganza," comparing one to another and deciding which events were "fabulous, dahling" and which were just "blasse."
Weddings have become a status symbol.
But not ours.
Oh no.
After being an anti-bride for nearly 30 years, I am now getting married.
And I'll be damned if I am going to be that bride.
Here's my day-by-day story as I try to stay calm, sane, and most importantly real about the whole thing. Cheer me on. I might need it.


mike & rachel said...

We just went through the same thing last year - bought the Hall house New Years and married in September. The best choice we made was the place - it was an old inn that handled most of the details and they even had a gazebo that we had our ceremony in and a honemoon suite for overnight. We just had to get photographer, DJ, and someone to do the ceremony. With these details quickly finished we could concentrate on planning our honeymoon in Italy and tearing apart our "new" house. Rachel has the same view on weddings as you do and in the end everything worked out great... and I was able to work on the house right up to the last week

Good Luck!

S said...

My wife and I convinced a friend to become an online minister ( and he performed the ceremony. Minister-check.
Found another friend to do the picture taking. Picture taker - check
Had the reception at a hotel dining room with it open to the other people staying at the hotel. Singing cowboy showed up and dancing Indians. Entertainment - check.

Oh yeah, we also got married at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset. Memorable wedding - check