Thursday, December 21, 2006

A new throne

Reading this entry from "Building a Better Crackhouse" reminded me that I have yet to blog about the newest addition to our upstairs "WC suite" (I think that's British for bathroom.)

When we re-did the plumbing in the house, we discovered that the old toilet leaked. But, because the water pressure upstairs had been so bad, we had never noticed it, since it amounted to about a drop of water a week or so. With our new "water-pressure-that-could-wash-an-elephant," the toilet leak morphed into quite a spray. And, although we probably could have fixed the leak, it also gave us an excuse to go shopping for a new toilet. Who could pass that up?

For those of you who have not shopped for a toilet in the 21st century, you may not be aware of the array of choices out there. I wasn't. In fact, I was imagining the transaction would go something like this:

Us: "Hi. We need a new toilet."

Evil Big Box Retail Clerk: "OK, what color do you want, white or cream?"
(note-it's the Big Box store, not the clerk that is evil... as we have found many of their clerks to be quite pleasant.)

Us: "Uh, white. Yeah, white will go with whatever we decide to do up there."

Evil Big Box Retail Clerk: "OK, pick one up down that aisle and we'll ring you up."

Ok, I knew we could pick a design that was most asthetically appealing to us, but we also found that we needed to decide on the toilet height, a flushing capacity, a round or elongated bowl, a flap mechanism....blahblahblah, and the colors come in a range much bigger than white or cream (although for a price).

So we spent a couple hours wandering up and down the toilet aisle of the Evil Big Box store, reading the tags on the "floor-models" and wondering if this was a decision we could make on such a spur-of-the-moment.
You can picture it, I'm sure:

Me: "Oooo, honey- look at that cool green-ish one, with the sink to match and everything. No, never-mind. It's (in CAPITAL NUMERS) $700. *Gasp*. Can a toilet cost that much? Seriously."

Sean: "How about these down here. They are a little more reasonable."

Me: "Ok. American Standard. That's a good brand. And this flushing capacity number is bigger than that one. Isn't that a good thing?"

Sean: "Yeah. And that sort of looks like our style."

(Repeat several times....)

Eventually, it was the pocketbook that did most of the decision-making for us. Even so, we are ecstatic with the product. In the past twenty or thirty years (which is how old we figured the old one was) toilets have come a long way, baby. Throw out those plungers and bring on the reading material 'cuz this is one comfy throne. You'll have to take a look the next time you come over. :)

In case anyone is keeping track:
We got a white "right-height" 34" tall toilet, with an elongated bowl. Which, apparently- for reasons still not quite understood by this female- is the shape of choice for most men's toilet needs.

Once we got it home, we had to install it, of course. But I've found that other writers have already covered that subject pretty well. So, I'll leave you with:
How to install a new toilet, from the Granades, by way of Jeannie at House in Progress.


Dulcie said...

That's so funny. I did a little toilet investigating (we'll have to replace ours eventually, but fortunately it isn't a rush) and was also shocked by how many variations there are! I didn't realize there was an "elongated" until that moment. Due to the size of our bathroom, we'll probably go for something smaller and rounder. Enjoy your new throne!

MNObserver said...

When we replaced the "throne" in our St. Paul foursquare a few years back, the new one was completely installed when we realized that a standard size was too "elongated" and the door wouldn't shut - it banged into the toilet, which is placed directly to the right of the door.

Because we weren't about to carve a notch out of the door, we ended up having to get a special "short" one, which I understand are often used in mobile homes. Good thing we wanted white.

allison said...

Boy, the toilet debate really takes some time doesn’t it? We have chosen to keep ours for awhile, partially because of not wanting to make all those choices, but also because it is an older model that is NOT the new low flush variety. Luckily it does not leak so we have not been forced to make a change. Enjoy the new addition!