Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love in concrete...

Awww.... yes, in the midst of all the debris and chaos, we're still madly in love. When he covered the old floor drain, Sean made our mark- the first of its kind- in our new home together. We've found all sorts of marks and memories from the families who have lived here in the past, and it's kind of cool to think about someone finding memories of us here someday in the future. (Hopefully we'll keep the house standing until then!)
Sean also did the doggie's paw prints, which I also found super-cute. Don't ask me how he got the cement off their paws.... :)


Ellen said...

Now I had to come and check out your blog!

The big hole in the wall makes my heart run a little faster - our existing egress window is smaller than code, but it should be grandfathered in.

I wish we could have gotten by with the Platon underlayment. Our ceilings are so low in the basement that I was worried the Platon plus the plywood would raise it up too much. Too late now - the DriCore is down!


Nadja and Sean said...

Yeah, we still worry about our ceiling height... We have yet to put the laminate floors on top of the plywood. I do think the dri-core probably went down much easier than Platon! Thanks for the note. :)