Monday, December 11, 2006

a BIG hole in the house!!

We now have a big hole in the basement!! We also have a 3-ft-deep whole in the yard!! Why am I so excited about big holes in the property? It's one step closer to having the egress window!! For the record, the hole in the house is 36" by 50," and we cut through an 18.5" thick 100-year-old limestone foundation. The tool of choice was a jackhammer, since the concrete saws available for rental would only cut 5" deep.
Sean used the jackhammer to loosen chunks, and then we hammered them out and away.
Surprisingly, this only took a couple of hours. The bad news, though, is the cut was not as clean as we had hoped. So, Sean is going to try his hand at a little masonry today, pouring concrete to smooth out and even the frame so we have something to screw the window framing into.
Here's some great how-to information for anyone who is thinking about installing an egress window themselves:
How to install the window well
How to install the egress window
(This was the best information I found on the topic!)

Even though it feels like the finished product is still a long way off, we are making progress.

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