Friday, December 15, 2006

Bath, Shath, Sh-Bath, SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since we moved, we have had only a bathtub. A beautiful original iron clawfoot tub. With only a hand-held shower head attached to the tub faucet. (Note to friends: I don't count that tiny shower stall in the basement that makes me claustraphobic.)
So, I have gotten used to taking baths... or shaths (standing up in the bathtub, using the handheld shower and trying not to spray all over the room), or even sh-baths (letting the bathtub fill as for a bath, but using the handheld shower to rinse-- not to be confused with "shabbat", which is the Jewish sabbath). Yes, this is the language we have developed to descibe our daily cleansing routines.

In the "olden days," people just took baths- showers didn't really exist.
But nowadays, baths seem like such a luxury item to me. Namely because they take up so much of another luxury item: time. Now, I'm not complaining that I have been forced to light some candles, put some bubbles in the tub, and just relax- it is, no doubt, good for me and my psyche.

But really, there are times when a bath is simply not convenient. Like when you have finished sanding the drywall seams on the ceiling and you just want to get it all out of your hair. Or when you are running late to work and you realize that you aren't as, well, "spring-fresh" as you would like to be.

Then, there is nothing better than a nice, hot shower. A REAL shower. One where you can let the hot water run all over you and NOT have to hold a spigot in place, or worry about the damage all the spray will cause the walls.

Well, I'm happy to announce that this showering phenomenon is now made possible in our house by ... (drumroll, please)... the addition of the fabulous, miraculous shower riser, shower rod surround, and not one, but TWO shower curtains! (whew!)

Whoever knew that these contraptions were such a pain to install?
Probably my first mistake: I tackled the project myself.
Stay tuned to the next post for that adventure....

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Anonymous said...

Looks good, Enjoy your handsfree shower experience :)