Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Basement Demo

The basement of the house was finished circa 1975. Now, hop into your time machine, and you'll see that 1975 was a year for asbestos floor tile, wood paneling, and shag carpet. So, it goes without saying: Some things about the basement had to go.
Sean and his brother, Jarame, took a day to haul up old vinyl flooring (covering the old asbestos flooring), old carpet, an old gas stove, etc, etc, to get it ready for a remodel.

Here's what's left of the mess:
The hope is that we will rent the basement out, and that income will help us fund some of the other projects we have dancing around in our heads....
The to-do list for the basement includes:

1) Sub-floor everything to help with any potential water problems
Our method: Platon Flooring Protection (can be purchased at Menards), then covered with plywood

2) Install our new laminate wood floor on top

3) Update the light fixtures, replacing the older fixtures with new recessed incandescent lights

4) Insulate the ceiling

5) Add soundproof barrier to the ceiling (after all, it is an old house, and we want to use this as a rental space for now- maybe a home theater later???)
Our sound barrier choice: Mass-loaded vinyl from Sound Isolation Company
This is HEAVY stuff. We had to construct a holder to get it up to the ceiling and hold it there long enough to attach it. But we think it will be worth it in the long run.

6) Finish the ceiling with ceiling panels

7) Add an egress window

8) Paint all the walls everywhere

Basment kitchen:

1) Replace galvanized plumbing to the basement kitchen

2) Install new cabinets from IKEA (After spending a day looking at six different salvage places, new cabinets from IKEA came out on top in price, believe it or not. I'm still a little mixed on that, but it's a basement kitchen after all. We opted for the Nexus-Birch finish.) IKEA tip: If you have an IKEA near you, don't forget to check out the "as-is" section. There's a potential for HUGE savings. We got a countertop there for 1/2 off, and if we would have had more time to be creative, we could have saved even more!

3) Find and install a new gas stove

4) Plumb the dishwasher

5) Cut and finish a pass through window to open up the space

Basement Bathroom:

1) Move the doorway and seal up the old doorway

2) Paint the new door (found for $17 at the Re-Use center!)

3) Add a can-light to the shower.

Wow. Just writing this list makes me tired. We have a big project ahead of us. Perhaps the biggest yet. Stay tuned...

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Remy's Renos said...

Sounds like you are following the same path I have been on for the last 4 yrs. The First thing I did after buying my house was develop the basement into a studio apartment. Best investment yet. I have had it rented (with the exception of right now, I wanted to take a couple months to finish off some lingering jobs in the suite) since I moved in. Great money for funding my obsessive renos that never seem to end..