Friday, November 10, 2006

Cleaning House

Anyone else have trouble keeping track of what used to be the "usual" household chores?
You know- cleaning.
No, not the kind of cleaning that involves the shop-vac and another pile to haul to the dump... I mean we cleaning.
Like, scrubbing bathtubs and toilets and kitchen sinks.

Somehow, those chores seem like small potatoes when you are sheetrocking your dining room ceiling (or something like that).
This weekend, we cleaned. Yes, cleaned.
I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not even sure how long it had been since the toilets had a good scrubbing. We swept the floors and under the beds and into corners and swept up the equivalent of a 3rd dog... it was WAY out of "dust-bunny" league. (It could have eaten our German Shepherd/Lab mix if it would have come to life.)
We cleared off countertops and tables and dusted.
Yes, with a rag and an old-fashioned can of pledge. Even the bottoms and legs of furniture (not just the "uh-oh-we're-having-company" quick swipe!)
This kind of cleaning used to be the weekend ritual. Now, it seems like it all fades into the background, and we reason, "If we can only get (insert project A, B, or C here) done, THEN we can really clean!"
And the projects keep coming.
At some point, I suppose we will learn a better balance. Until then, don't be surprised if a monster-sized dust furball creeps out from under the couch the next time you're over.


Kim said...

Oh, I *so* understand! I just about freaked out earlier this summer when I found out that we would be having out of state overnight guests. It took forever to clean this house, and with all the work going on, it still didn't feel clean clean.

Hearing you loud and clear, hehe!

Chris and Mandy said...

You've given me visions of our upcoming weekend. The house is in desperate need of a clean too, especially with Chinabean and I tracking mud through the house from the plaster washing I've been doing. It's not easy living in a construction site eh?

We've got a whip and a sturdy chair should we discover any monster dust bunnies - thanks for the heads-up.