Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another "must visit" in Mpls./St. Paul

Wow- two weeks since the last post. Sorry, guys. You know, life and stuff has been happening...
I have one quick item to add to the "must visit" in Mpls/St. Paul list:

Frank Plumbing Sales Co

721 SE 2nd St Minneapolis MN 55414-2202 (612) 338-7609

Apparently, Frank's used to be on Washington Ave. near the warehouse district before they decided to renovate the area into $million$ condos and lofts... it is still alive and well in the new location, although not a lot of press went out about where they moved to. It's a virtual museum for antique plumbing, but also a good resource for replicas too. And they have an assortment of other salvage for rooms besides the bath.
Worth a look!

We finally got a surround for our clawfoot tub there. $40. Not the hundreds we've been seeing. They had the cadillac versions too- the $900 shower riser, faucet, and surround set... but we settled for the budget item this time.
Maybe we'll get more fancy when we actually re-do the bathroom!
I'll get a pic up when we get it hung!

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