Monday, October 16, 2006

Rejuvenation and other fun places from Portland!

Sorry for my nearly week-long absence… I have been in Portland, OR for a work conference. It turned COLD in the Twin Cities this week, and we are not yet totally weather-proofed. I picked up weather-stripping and 3M window kits before I left, but they did not get in place. As I waited for the bus to the airport on Wednesday, a nearly perfect snowflake landed on my black wool coat. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive in Portland to find the weather sunny and almost 70! Although I was working *most* of the time, I did find time to explore a few great places:

1) Rejuvenation- I had this shopping trip marked in my planner as soon as I knew I was headed to Portland. And it was every bit as good as expected. For those traveling to Portland, this is a MUST. They have both old-house salvage and new replicas of everything old-house. Some of the new replicas are pricey, but they are GORGEOUS. I spent about an hour just pouring through the doors and lighting. Lighting is one of their specialties, and after visiting the store, I see why. They custom-make every fixture, and the options are practically endless. Best of all, they have a great catalog!! We have some great salvage spots in the Twin Cities too, but this one rivaled every one of them. They also have a “books” section with just about every Bungalow book ever written AND a café. Family-owned, this is NOT your local “Restoration Hardware”.

2) For knitters- Knit/Purl. Gorgeous handmade luxury yarn. And when I say luxury, I mean $50 per skein (50 yard skein) silk cashmere yarn. Decadent. Yarn eye-candy. Yum. I came away with a little less luxurious- although equally gorgeous- hand-painted yarn for a tote I have been wanting to make.

3) For dog lovers- Urban Fauna. I got “Lolly-pups” and “Pup-cakes”, hand-made treat from the Doggie Barkery.

4) For book-lovers- Powell’s Books. If you like books, just go. You’ll see what I mean.

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