Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the Mouse epidemic

In Minnesota, the chill has officially set in. Today it's a toasty 45 degrees, and the ten-day forcast has us in the mid-40's for highs and mid-30's for lows all week. There's no snow *yet* (but you can never tell...).

So, the mice are getting restless. At least, I presume that is what's happening. And, really, I don't blame them. I'd be shivering my bi-jivers off (very technical term that is- "bi-jivers") if I were a mouse out in the cold.

We haven't had any confirmed sightings of mice in the house, but we know they are in the garage. Specifically, we know they are in Sean's F150 (aka "the Beast," or, the work truck.) How do we know? Well, the little mouse droppings on the bucket seat were a great first clue. When we took the truck out of the garage and got rid of all the compost we had been collecting in the bed, we counted not one, not two, but three little critters scurrying around the bed, running for dear life as we pitchforked the compost out. There were probably at least three more that we didn't see. (I thought they were cute and actually felt kind of bad for them. Silly me.)

The next evening:
Since it's chilly, I get to park in the garage now, and we are leaving the F150 on the street. (Isn't Sean the gentleman! :)
So, we decided to do some ho-hum running around... groceries, errands, and the like. We took my car. Fresh out of its newly claimed garage spot. About 1/2 mile into the drive at a stopsign, we see this black flash... a critter scurrying up the windshield from under the hood compartment. YEP! Another mouse! A quick flick of the wipers sent him flying to the street.
Ok, crawling around the truck bed at the compost site, I can take it. Crawling up my window of my car while we're driving is quite a different story. Luckily, this one didn't have any friends with him. Or, at least, none that we found.
But every time I get into the car now, I am half-expecting one to crawl up my pantleg looking for a warm place to snuggle (*shiver*).
Do I feel sorry for them now?
Not so much.


Kristin said...

Ick, now I even feel like one is running up MY pant leg! Great story, though. :)

kl said...

We had mice in the car, even the one that popped out on the windshield, but beware. We had one that got into the fan blades - the sound was bad but the smell was awful. You may want to take some proactive measures....