Thursday, November 09, 2006

At war with Jack Frost

Yes, it's that time of year again. The 3M window kits are out and ready. Thousands of homeowners are hopeful that one tiny film of plastic will keep out the frigid drafts of Jack Frost. They are wrestling with hairdryers and double-sided tape as we speak.
I am one of them.
Keep in mind, we live in sunny Minnesota, where, although the temperature was freakishly high today (nearly a balmy 70!), it may be -20 tomorrow and stay there until next July.
And, extreme weather calls for extreme measures. At least in the window department.
Before we bought the house, I lived in a 1 bdrm condo with 5 windows. The first year I lived there, I did nothing to the windows. And I froze. Ice-cold floors, drafts that literally moved my mini-blinds inches away from the windows... one winter of that was enough to hook me on window plastic.
At the condo, I could plastic over those five windows in an afternoon with time to spare, easily. And it helped. In fact, I dare say I noticed a radical difference.
So, as a window-plastic convert, there is naturally a big job to be done here at the house. We are at war with Jack Frost. With these 22 bad boys we have here, the 3M plastic party is a ritual that has extended over several lovely, exciting, plastic-film filled weekends.
And we're not just plastic-ing, mind you. Oh no. We've got thick clear vinyl sheets for the laundry room and basement windows... not to mention the upstairs veranda door. (Doesn't all this just make you want to come over and party with us?!)

And don't forget- those four brand new windows that need no plastic-ing what-so-ever! They have newly insulated weight pockets and low E glass.
(as you can see!)

So, if you want to know what I am doing for the next few more weekend or so, it will almost certainly involve those red plaid window kits, and perhaps a hairdryer (although I've mostly given up on that part of it...I've done enough already that if the film isn't tight enough when I'm finished with it, it's not gettin' much better.). But at this point, I would say we have evened the score, Mr. Jack Frost. Bring it on... we'll be ready.


Patricia W said...

I had to chuckle when I read this. The very first home I owned had not one storm window or door and all of the windows in the house were the old aluminum type. The house had quite a few windows and the sliding glass door faced north. I remember clearly a balled up kleenex tumbling across the floor of two rooms because of the drafts! My potpourri candle's flame would whip in the wind!

hartlej said...

we too are considering installing Marvin DH replacement windows. Any regrets after the winter? Also, curious to know if opening the weight pockets is standard procedure or not. If it is, I better go get insulation!