Monday, October 23, 2006

4 NEW windows! See for yourselves...

It is finished. We have four brand-spankin' new Marvin Ultimate Double-Hung replacement windows!! It took about five hours, and we think they look great.

If you haven't been a part of the windows debate, we have been researching replacement and restoration options for our windows for about four months. We finally decided to replace four of the worst ones before winter hit. These were the ones with cracked panes, wood rot, and broken sash cords, among other problems. I know these are all potentially fix-able problems, but the amount of work involved to restore these would have been pretty substantial, and with the Minnesota window breathing down our necks (literally), the 4-window replacement seemed like the best solution.

They weren't that complicated to install... we had these installed for us, but upon observation, we think we would do others ourselves.

These are Marvin Ultimate Double-Hung Insert replacement windows- replacing just the sashes and not the casing or trim, and wood on both inside and out. (I swear I should be getting a kick-back from Marvin for all this. But I'm not.) We are going to paint the outside to match the trim outside and custom-match stain for the inside. (We could have had the installers do this for us... for a fee, of course!)

A nod to the window guy (for any TC locals):
Of the three places we got estimates from, Lampert Exteriors (Roseville) came out cheapest, and we were very happy with their crew. They were timely, professional, and even did a couple of things that were above and beyond the "call of duty" so to speak. Also, I felt like the salesperson was the most "real"- he had good follow-up, but not a hard sell. And he was willing to work with us understanding that we probably weren't going to replace everything... we were likely to do some restoration ourselves.

We do notice a difference in warmth and noise level in the rooms with the new windows. Getting those weight pockets insulated is key. So that's the other project we worked on this weekend: Insulation! Stay tuned.... we are fighting Jack Frost to the death. (and so far it is unclear who is winning!)

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Stephanie said...

They look great! We have them too, and we LOOOOVE them!