Friday, September 22, 2006

The window decision...

Ok, now after I started all that window discussion, we have finally decided (sort of) what to do with ours:
(I know you've all been holding your breath for this! ;)
We are taking a piecemeal approach. We are going to replace (yes replace!) the worst windows (but only 4 of them) right now (before the Minnesota winter hits!).
BUT don't despair, all ye fans of window restoratation, because we are taking a stab at restoring (yes, restoring!) the best ones next spring. Then, depending on how the restoring process goes for us, we'll restore the rest a few at a time- especially the ones with the stained glass.
So, hopefully we have the best of both worlds.
For replacement- we have carefully chosen Marvin Ultimate Double-Hung Insert replacement. These only replace the sashes and leave the original casings/frames intact. After a LOT of research, this is the product we felt is most historically accurate. They are 100% wood on the inside and out (NO vinyl or aluminum clad).
Yes, they are a little pricey. But they are also a really good quality window.
Thank you everyone who weighed in on this- I got the books you suggested and did a lot of research. It was all very helpful.
NOW- this leaves me with one final question- we will have four double-hung windows that are up for grabs for anyone who might want them. The replacement will probably happen in about six weeks. SO! If anyone in houseblog-land out there would be interested in having them, we are certainly interested in figuring out how to get them to you. Please let me know and I can post measurements, but here are pics to start:

They are all about the same size (35 " ish by 68 " ish) NOT EXACT measurements yet! Panes are cracked on two of them, and with one, the pulley mechanism is completely shot. But you could fix these things, I know. :)

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