Friday, September 29, 2006

A Stuck-Drawer Treasure?

We have awesome original closets in every bedroom with two drawers underneath. The drawers are deep- perfect for holding sweaters and other bulky items. While we were organizing winter clothing last night, I found one of the drawers in the master bedroom closet had been painted shut. My first thought was what an inconvenience this was. I got the utility knife and prybar (which happened to be handy in the next bedroom from opening painted-shut windows!)
and went to work.
Sean came upstairs, and he asked what we might find in the drawer... after all, the p.o. could have painted it shut with items in it, and then forgot about them.
Hmmm... that idea was intriguing.
She was a fairly eccentric lady.
We've found all kinds of other forgotten "treasures" in the house.
What could she have hidden there?
Sean started working on the other side.
The drawer was quite stubborn. We pried and it stuck.
Would we find more old-house history?
Secret bedroom items?
one million dollars?! (said in my best Dr. Evil voice)
The potential treasure we were sure existed in the drawer grew more and more fantastic.
When it finally gave way a good 20 minutes later, we both sailed halfway across the room from tugging so hard. And we found... empty drawer.
Isn't that anti-climatic.
But, we did note that if we ever want to hide anything in a very safe and secure place, we just
need to put it all in a drawer and seal it with a coat of paint!

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