Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Plumbing update

We are finally making some progress on the plumbing...
We have drilled part of the hole through the wall plate where the new pipes need to go.
Yes, PART of the hole. The spade bit we had wasn't quite long enough to make it all the way through the wall plate before we ran out of room for the drill, so I am off to the hardware store to get another bit- one that is hopefully a little longer (but not too long, or it won't fit in the space!).
THEN we can really get started!
To do this, we got a nifty new tool for the drill that allows it to drill down at a right angle.
It was a great alternative to getting a right angle drill, and works just as well (and was much cheaper).
And, now that we know we don't have asbestos in the ceiling tiles (thanks to that jackpot of historical info on the house!) we can take those tiles down in the basement to get to the pipes there.
Isn't it the "getting started" part of a new project that is often the hardest?

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