Tuesday, September 05, 2006

JACKPOT!!! House records galore....

Ok, all you old-house owners out there...
You know all those things about your house that you just wonder about? You wish the walls could talk... to tell you if there's asbestos ceiling tile, or why on earth they decided to move the plumbing over THERE?
We just found a jackpot of answers.
Our previous owner left some stuff in the house- she moved out about six months before we purchased it, but it was "staged" for selling. She had intended to remove everything, but her mother had a stroke the day before closing, so she paid us a little extra to not have to move the rest of it out.
And now, two months later, we have finally gotten around to going through some of it.
There was a very nondescript blue bag with a lot of old-looking papers in it, and as I started going through it, I realized... this was TONS of house information from the past two owners!!
* Blueprint drawings from when they finished the basement, and the contract that specifies all the work they did AND materials used (1975)!!
MYSTERY #1 SOLVED: It IS asbestos floor tile. We figured.
But the good news- no asbestos in the celiing tiles!! YAY!!
* Blueprint drawings for the back porch... there WAS an entry out there at one time!
* Receipt for the boiler (1975)
* Receipt for the storm windows (1980-something)
* Repair receipts for plumbing, the boiler, the washer, the dryer (1970-1998)
* Contract for the last roof (1975) Wow- that roof was 30 years old. And it looked it.
* Contract for attic insulation (we laughed at that- it was never done!)
* Even the letter from the bank that states their loan amount and interest rate when they purchased the home (for $8,000 in 1967- doesn't THAT make you want to weep!)

Very cool to have found some of this stuff. Now we want to pry open the top of the stair column to see if there are actual house blueprints in it... Anyone actually find those in there?

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