Monday, September 11, 2006

Girls' Weekend.... Painting

This weekend, Sean had a "guys" weekend, hanging out with two of his buddies at the lake. I could have gone, but I declined so I could have a "girls" weekend and hang out with Jessie, probably my closest girlfriend and another partner-in-house renewal-crime. We PLANNED to go camping, just us girls and the dogs, but we were deterred by the 50 degree weather and rain. Yes, we were wimps. The thought of being cold and wet all weekend just didn't appeal to us like it used to.
Instead, we decided to work on a house project. Jessie said she was in a "painting mood". And you NEVER turn down help from a friend who is in a painting mood!
So, we set to work on the kitchen. A side prioritywas to buy a portable dishwasher, since the task of doing dishes has become a nightly challenge for us. I thought that would be a nice surprise for Sean to come home to. And, THANK YOU, CRAIGSLIST!
I found a relatively new portable unit from someone who had only used it a couple of years- then got an under-the-counter one in their kitchen remodel. Lucky bastards. I can't wait until we can remodel our kitchen.
Ironically, the women I bought the dishwasher from lives in an old four-square herself and the windows guy had just shown up to talk to her about window replacement. I told her to give me a call if she wanted to talk about it later. (I think she thought I might be a little crazy, but I figured I would offer, since that decision has been my life in the past week.) So, we loaded that find up and brought it back here, and then we went to work on the walls.
The kitchen walls were really bad. So bad that we were originally planning on putting up drywall OVER the plaster because they were in such rough shape. They have been wallpapered, bordered, and cracked all over.
But, as projects have gone on over the past couple of months, we have realized that we are not getting to drywall in the kitchen anytime soon. And I can't take looking at the walls the way they are. So, we started by taking down the wallpaper border- probably the best of the borders in the house, but I still don't do borders. Then we got out the spackle and the sander, fixed all kinds of cracks and holes and uneven surfaces, and started painting.
In all, we did two walls in the two days (with some pizza and movies thrown in... we had to have SOME girl time), but considering the prep work that had to go into it, I think that's not all bad. I'll have some "after" pics up soon.

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