Friday, September 01, 2006

The Dogs

I know I talk about the dogs a lot.
And really, they are fairly central to this story.
After all, Sean and I connected in the beginning partly because of our own dogs, and our love of dogs in general.
Now that we live together, we consider ourselves a family of four, two of whom have four legs.
So I thought they deserved a posting all of their own.

Hannah is my dog- a princess, for sure. She's a pound-puppy mutt- the best kind. Different people have told me she looks like she has all manner of breeds in her: Border Collie, Brittney Spaniel, Sheltie, Australian Shepherd, Beagle...
I got her when she was about six months old.... and I was about two months shy of finishing grad school- Jobless and next to broke, with no intention of getting a dog.
I went with Jessie to the Humane Society- she asked me to be her "voice of reason" as she picked out HER dog.
(Sound familiar, any of you dog owners out there??)

And there she was- sweet and energetic as any puppy. But quiet as could be- She was the only dog who didn't bark up a storm when we opened the door to the kennels. So I chose her to take for a walk. And then it was all over- I had to take her home.

Jessie, on the other hand, went home dog-less (although she got her Ellie-puppy about a week later.)

The way Sean tells his story, he ended up with Shadow in much the same way.
He stopped at a sign that said "Free Puppies" and came home with Shadow, just after finishing a semester during his undergrad years of college.

They are both diva dogs, used to all the attention, all the toys, all the fetch... so it took some getting used to to learn to "share" us. Now they are thick as thieves... and sometimes actually do some collective thieving (most recently the last chocolate brownie off the coffee table!)

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Jocelyn said...

They are adorable. I can relate. We have two dogs also and they are our family. They are such good company and a great comfort in the midst of all our work.