Saturday, September 09, 2006

Brilliant Digital Camera Usage #4686

Or, well, at least I felt brilliant when I thought of this.
As a primer on the plumbing project: To replace the plumbing to the upstairs bathroom, we have to get replacement pipes up to the 2nd story. To avoid taking down walls, we want to feed pex tubing into existing walls, since it is fairly flexible. We thought we could use the same channel as the existing pipes in the dining room wall, via the 6 inches of open ceiling in the dining room, since there seems to be enough room between them to put in new ones. Our plan was to snake the pex down through the opening in the top of the wall where we took the dining room ceiling down. Except that we can't see what is in the wall, and when we tried to snake the pex down, there was clearly something IN THE WAY. :(

After trying to unsuccessfully drill through what we though was the wall plate, we were pretty discouraged at not being able to get up to SEE what we were doing.
After a little cursing and crazy brainstorming, we spotted the camera, and thought-
Yes! We could take a picture of what we can't see! The little camera could fit where we could barely even get the drill...
And it worked like a charm.
You are looking down the wall at the block between the two pipes. See the nails that are actually holding the pipe to the wall? And our attemp to drill another hole with a spade bit?
We aren't sure how thick the block is (we may try another strategy to get the pipes in now) but we are certainly going to keep the camera handy for the rest of this project and all the tight spaces that we can't quite see into just yet!

I was so excited at that discovery, I raced down the stairs to take a pic of another hard-to-see part of the plumbing project- it's over a support beam and up into the ceiling of the basement. I knew the pipes went from copper to gavanized at some point, but couldn't tell where or how they were fitted together, so I couldn't really plan my attack. But I have a great view now!

What did we do before technology? It seems like I wonder that on a daily basis these days...

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