Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cutest Dog Pic

I'm shameless about showing off cute dog things...
We did actually do some work on the house this weekend- I finished painting the bedroom radiator and Sean worked on the dining room window project, but we had a little fun too. You know this trick- it's the one where you stick a treat on their noses and make them wait for your signal to snap it up? Shadow has had this one down for awhile, but it's a new one for Hannah. And with summer sausage, it was a real challenge. They sat so still and stoic, we had to get a picture. Yep, that's little bits of summer sausage on the tips of their noses! They're just waiting for the sign!

1 comment:

Chris and Mandy said...

There is no way Chinabean, our dog, could pull that off. That sausage would be gone before you could blink. I'm very impressed!