Thursday, September 28, 2006

Creative Tool Use #478

The house might be winning if....
... you have more tools in the kitchen than you have kitchen utensils.
Let me explain.
Last night, Sean was making dinner... nothing fancy. (When you are working on your house, "fancy" these days is something that requires more than one pot to cook!) The 3 lbs of ground beef we had was frozen, and he didn't want to defrost the whole chunk in the microwave, just to put most of it back into the freezer. There was no knife in sight- no cleaver, no butcher knife...
So he grabbed what seemed like the next most logical item: the coping saw!!
And yes, he proceeded to "cope" the meat apart.
It did the trick, albeit a little unorthodox.
Good thing it'll go in the dishwasher!

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