Wednesday, September 27, 2006

3 down, 6... er, 9, I mean 11.... no, 14 to go!!

How did we get so many windows in this house?! OK, they were there when we bought it, but when you look at a house room-by-room, you don't notice that there are 22 windows in it!! Don't get me wrong. I love our windows.
But there are 22 windows to take storms off, 22 windows to paint, 22 windows to clean, 22 windows to put storms back into- 22 MORE storm windows!!! That's 22 storms to clean....
oh my, oh my.
We got 3 more storms on this weekend- And now that's 14 more to go. We can do two more tonite.

It might seem like a simple task- this putting storms back up. But no- there's quite a process. First we have to locate the correct storm frame (since painter just put them all in the garage in one big heap together)... Find the pieces that go with the frame (since painter let panes and screens come out of frames and didn't put them back together)... Clean the window panes and storm panes... Scrape paint splatters off the windows (because painter was REALLY sloppy)... Scrape extra putty off windows and storm frames (again, painter was REALLY sloppy)... screw the storm frame back into place... put the panes and screens back in the storm (provided we have FOUND all the panes and screen that go back into the storm....)
Ol' man winter- stay clear 'cuz we ain't done yet.
Indian summer- come on!!

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Chris and Mandy said...

22! Wow. That makes me feel better our window situation. Beautiful looking house though.