Thursday, August 17, 2006

to-do or not to-do

I've thrown the "to-do" lists out the window. Next Saturday, we are supposed to be having a housewarming party, and of course, there are a thousand things we were "supposed to" get done by the time we actually had people over.
These were not lofty goals.
They were simple things, like: Finish painting the porch. Finish painting the guest room. Finish painting the upstairs hall. Finish painting the spots on the exterior where the moron student painter didn't quite get. (Can you see there's a lot of painting left to do?)
Nevermind the "finish replacing the old galvanized pipes to the upstairs bathroom and get the ceiling closed up in the dining room" or "Finish tearing out the nasty faux brick paneling in the kitchen and re-drywall the whole darn room."
Now I think we'll be lucky if we just get the yard cleaned up a little so the kiddos can hang out OUTSIDE.
It seem that our progress has slowed to a crawl since I went back to work full time. (Is summer really almost over?!) Sean is also working 10 hour days, so we are just beat on the weekdays and most of our work is confined to the weekends. In my head, I know things take about ten times longer than you think they will. But when I imagine what we will "have done next week," I go back to fairy-land and forget the real world of jobs and dogs and surprises like leaking kitchen sinks and talkative neighbors that wonder if you could "just help them with that one little thing..."
The project this weekend: Finish fixing the wood-rot in the window sills so that CAN actually get painted!

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