Friday, August 11, 2006

"Just Looking"

Shortly after Sean and I decided to buy a house together, we started "just looking" to see what we would both like together. Our tastes in homes were decidedly different- He imagined himself in a ranch; I hate ranches and have always lived in two-story homes. He liked more modern lines. I have always been attracted to older homes with antique features.

Sean, a carpenter, had been thinking about building a home before we met, so he was excited about buying a home that would have "projects" for us to work on. This is one area where we agreed- it would be great to work on a home and make it ours together. Be careful what you wish for! In our "just looking" phase, we came across an open house for an old four-square. It was reasonably priced for the size, so we decided to take a look to see just what was "wrong" with it. And we fell in love on our first walk through. This was in March.

The house haunted us as we looked at others. It kept coming up in our conversations..."You know that house on Randolph..." as we made comparisons to other homes. So we got a realtor and looked at it again. And again. The 3rd time we saw it, we spent a long night at a local pub talking about our options, and we finally made our offer- May 2, 2006. It was lower than asking price, and with a couple concessions... the house needed a new roof and new paint ASAP- two MAJOR expenses right up front. We weren't sure how it would be received.

But the next day, we got the call- Our realator asked excitedly, "So, do you wanna buy this house?!" She accepts! With a mix of shock and excitement, and a little fear, I think we both admit, we said YES! We closed on June 9th...

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