Sunday, August 27, 2006

How a ceiling project turned to plumbing...

We didn't realize we inherited a plumbing project when we bought this house...
We just thought we had an ugly dining room ceiling. According to the p.o.'s, the tub in the upstairs bathroom overflowed and leaked down throught the plaster ceiling. But, rather than fix the plaster ceiling properly, they installed a dropped ceiling a'la 1970 to cover the holes.
When we walked through the house the first time, we lifted up the dropped ceiling tiles to see what was underneath, so we knew there were issues, but we couldn't see the plumbing- just the lathe where the plaster had come down.
So, on day 1 after closing, we tore the ceiling down (which was in the plans all along), happy to replace it with drywall, close it up and be on our way to other adventures.
Instead, the open ceiling revealed lead drains where leaks had been fixed with more lead solder, galvanized supply pipes up to the bathroom, connected to copper down below.
(cue the big long "sigh".)

For those who aren't plumbing-savvy out there, mixing copper and galvanized pipes is a recipe for corroded pipes and lousy water pressure.
lead- well, lead ain't great either.
so now we had an open ceiling and pipes that, though not immediate issues, would need to be replaced soon enough.
plumbers are expensive- which I'm sure isn't news to anyone out there. (enter random curse words).
so, we did what made the most sense at the time...
we left that project, tried to pretend the gaping ceiling hole didn't exist, and went on to another project we could hear calling our name.
This was about two months ago...
i looked at the dining room ceiling again today.
guess what- the hole's still there.
( i keep hoping a home improvement fairy will visit us in the night and we'll come down one day to find it all closed up, plumbing done and all.)
but in case that doesn't happen, we've started making our game plan.
it involves PEX tubing, which, by all accounts is the best thing to happen to plumbing since, well, ever.
hopefully we will start the project this week.
but i might say that next week too.
i'll keep you posted.

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