Monday, August 21, 2006

God Bless the Invention of the Roof Nailer

Ah, back to the real world this Monday morning. We had a fabulous and productive weekend. The weather was PERFECT after a steady stream of heat and humidity that made outdoor project work miserable. The best news of all: THE GARAGE ROOF IS DONE!!!!!!!!!
Sean gets all the credit for that. Ok, I helped nail a few shingles and did some layout. We started by hand-nailing, and then after we finished one of the four sides, we broke down and when to Home Depot to rent the roofing nailer. The rest of the roof went about ten times faster.

Two of the 3 porch columns are painted too. And the master bedroom window finally opens!!!

The painter painted all of the windows shut (which is apparently what you do when you paint a house), except that he left to study abroad in Chile before he had time to pop them all so they would open. So we have had NO windows that will open in our entire house until now. We will be popping more very soon.
More on the painting horror stories to come... I have a little blogging catch-up to do!

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