Thursday, August 31, 2006

Exterior Before and After (and more pics!)

OK! I finally got some more pictures up on the website to complete the gallery (so far) of rooms. I added the basement, 3rd floor, bathroom and miscellaneous other pictures that I have been meaning to put up for a couple of weeks now.

I'm most excited to finally have some exterior before and after pics. We have the two main exterior projects done- the roofing and the painting. Can you believe it's the same house?!

Getting rid of that awful green roof was such a relief!
Who would have thought choosing an exterior color scheme could be such a process... We wanted to keep some color, but also be classy... Tans and Browns were in the running for a long time, but it seems like so many people are doing that, and we wanted to be a little more original. So we went with blue. And I think we're both happy with the results. There will be some dark red trim highlights one of these days!


The Creek House said...

Hi. I noticed your post on my blog (about my dogs) and followed it to your blog. When I saw the photos of your house I was blown away by how much it looks exactly like this house on our street in Knoxville,TN:

Actually, it looks even more like this house from another view, which you can find by going to and searching under the street name "Grainger"

Nadja and Sean said...

Wow! It's cool to see other similar houses... thanks for the link. I'd give anything to see the floorplans of some of these houses, especially ones that have been re-done already just to see what they did!

Andrea R said...

WOW! What a difference! I live in a foursquare as well, and we changed the dull green / barely-lighter dull grey green trim to a brighter green with cream trim and deep red accents. :D

I'll be stopping by again.

Cagebinkley said...

Love the color of your exterior! We have a smaller farmhouse foursquare and are looking to do something similar.

Can you tell me the brand/color?


Nadja and Sean said...

Happy to share-
It's Sherwin Williams- Duration Paint, the Colors are Refuge and Crisp Linen (trim).
:) n