Thursday, August 17, 2006

Enter Blog-land

So, here I am in blog-land. I'm a newbie at the blog thing. And at the whole house-restoration thing. But I hope I've got a steep learning curve, because we've jumped in the deep end with both feet.
I've been addicted to old houses since I lived in Ann Arbor, MN. I worked in a great old house at the University of Michigan- the best office I'll ever know- it was the former library of the old Madelon Pound House. Think original shelves, bay window, ceramic tile fireplace... yes, in my office.
Fast forward a few years and a thousand miles or so to St. Paul, MN, where I live now- a mecca for great old homes. I knew I loved old houses when I moved here, but I knew NOTHING about caring for a home. Heck, I didn't even know how to mow a lawn. I was 23 years old and single, without any family within a thousand miles to help me. But I knew I needed to live in a place with history... with character... with a story. As corny as it may sound, the need to own a old home was something I felt in my blood... I couldn't be happy with modern fixtures, new lines, attached garages, carpet (GASP!)...
I bought a condo in a converted mansion. I figured that I could work on the inside, but I wouldn't have to do anything to the outside... yet.
The condo is a story all in itself- but the long and the short of it is that, in the five years I owned the condo by myself, I learned how to paint (the no-brainer of all home improvement), re-tile floor, replace plumbing, drain radiators, re-finish cabinets, use a closet full of power tools, and yes, mow a lawn. (Thanks to all the kind souls who had the patience to teach me a thing or two!) I also met a boy that shared my passion for home projects, and we quickly outgrew the condo space.
So, Sean and I now have ourselves a monster four-square... and a set of projects that could last us the next 30 years!

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